Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Where Are They Now: Mark Hendrickson

This is the inaugural post to the "Where Are They Now" series of entries. Every so often, I will publish a post about former NBA players and give updates of their lives after their NBA careers. The featured player for the inaugural post of this series is Mark Hendrickson. Yes, he is THE Mark Hendrickson, the big league pitcher. He is currently a starting pitcher for the Florida Marlins. But before his days in the MLB, he was a standout basketball player. He was the star player on his high school basketball team. In college, he starred in both basketball and baseball at Washington State University. He was good enough a basketball player in college that he was selected to the all Pac-10 conference team twice. After graduation, Hendrickson was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers in the 1996 NBA Draft. For the next couple of years, Hendrickson bounced around the league playing limited minutes for various teams. Frustrated by his lack of consistent playing time, he decided to concentrate soley on baseball. He also had to work his way up in baseball, starting out in the minor leagues. Eventually, he worked his way up to the big leagues as a reliever and is now a starting pitcher for the Marlins.

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