Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Who's Your Fave 5, Part 2

As long as the Barkley/D-Wade commercials keep airing the halftime show on ABC keep showing their fave 5s, I might as well keep this runaway freight train going. The following is my fave 5 active NBA players.

Some people call him boring. But I think he is the exact opposite. I believe many of his haters, most notably Laker and Suns fans, are blinded by their hate for Duncan and the Spurs. But if you put aside your disdain and pay attention to the way he plays, it's a joy to watch. His post skills are impossible to stop. While he is not in his prime anymore, he is still among the elite players in the league.

Deron Williams and Chris Paul. Chris Paul and Deron Williams. This debate will go on for the forseeable future. I tend to side with Deron Williams. I enjoy Deron's game more than Chris Paul's. Although Chris Paul has a higher ppg, Deron Williams is a better pure scorer. His lower ppg is the product of the pick and roll system of Jerry Sloan. I also believe they are both equal in terms of playmaking ability. Chris Paul has a higher apg due to the Hornet's open court style. Williams in my opinion is also a better defensive player. In a few years, I believe he will be recognized as the premier point guard in the league.

Gilbert Arenas has a unique personality. Some people find him to be annoying. I guess his sense of humor is an acquired taste. To me his quirky responses and comments to the media is a breath of fresh air in today's sports world full of talking cliche. Oh, and he's a pretty good basketball player as well.

Kevin Durant is the most skilled rookie I have personally seen. His jumpshot is already one of the best in the league. He has shown the ability to take it to the rack in spite of his skinny frame. Hopefully, Durant develop a post game and become a more offensive player. His defense is also improving tremendously. Thoughout the season, he has guarded the likes of Kobe Bryant and Tracy McGrady. I remember a game when he made a clutch block on T-mac down the stretch. While most people would probably disagree with me, I think at the same age, his game is more advanced than both Lebron and Carmelo Anthony.

Suprise, suprise. My favorite current player is Kobe Bryant. He has the most complete offensive game in the league. When he wants to, he can be among the best defensive players in the league. If Kobe can win a ring this year, he will prove once and for all that his greatnes was not created by Shaq.

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