Monday, December 17, 2007

2006-2007 Fleer Basketball Packs

Today's scans feature the 2006-2007 Fleer basketball set. I bought 6 packs of this particular set. According to Fleer, this set is to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 1986-1987 set. That set contained many big name rookie cards, most notably the Michael Jordan rc.

The base cards of this set, like most sets, are designed with simplicity in mind. The action shots in this set are not quite as dramatic and appealing as say the Topps Fullcourt set. Personally I do not like the design of this set. I understand that Fleer/UD (UD bought Fleer a while back) is trying to emulate the Fleer brand of the 80s. But even those cards I thought were better designed that these cards. The part about this base card set I do like though are the statistics on the back. Many base card sets these days only contains stats of the current year or the previous couple years. This set emulates the old school cards by pringting the statistics of the players' entire career.

There is a set of insert cards card called Team Leaders. Obviously these insert cards contain the team leaders of various NBA teams, at least that is what I'm assuming. It would be kind of funny if they had a Team Leaders card for Smush Parker or something. The design of these insert cards are a bit better than that of the base cards.

There is another set of insert cards called Platinum Influence. This set contains rookie NBA and NFL players posing with the famous Michael Jordan Fleer rookie card. This is pretty creative as I have never personally seen a set like this. On a side note, Vernon Davis is a physical specimen if there ever is one.

I pulled four rookie cards from these packs. Their designs are the same as the base cards with the exception of the gray border as opposed to white. Leon Powe has the potential to be a decent player. His drawback is his lack of height. Ryan Hollins at best will probably be a decent defensive player. His offensive game is limited to putbacks and open dunks. PJ Tucker's card is serial numbered to 132. Unfortunately, he is currently playing in another country. LaMarcus Aldridge is going to be a beast. Him and Oden will form a formidable frontline in the years ahead.

According to Upper Deck, they purchased many cards from the original 1986-1987 set and randomly placed them into this current set. Some of these cards were sent to the players to be autographed. I received one of the original cards of Alex English. Unfortunately, my card was not one of the ones that were sent to the players to autograph. They placed this card inside a plastic sleeve protector. Man is it just me or does James Worthy actually look younger these days than he did during his Laker days.

What is a set that's without a Michael Jordan card. Yes, this is just a base card. You might be thinking who cares about this card. But hey, it's Michael Jordan. One can never go wrong with Michael Jordan haha.

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