Saturday, May 3, 2008

Some Recent Purchases Part 2

Here are some more cards that I've recently purchased. What I have here is an Upper Deck 2007-08 SP autograph card of Rudy Gay. Too bad most of my autos are all stickers, but autos are autos. The last time I checked, the Beckett value for this card was around 12 dollars. I bought this card for 3 bucks. This was the best auto that the vendor offered. As many of you know, Rudy Gay had a breakout sophmore season and is poised to become an allstar caliber player if he isn't already. With Pau Gasol gone, I anticipate that he is going to be putting up some monster numbers next season.

This is the Upper Deck 2005-06 Trilogy Game Used Jersey card of Dwight Howard. When he first came into the league, all he could do was dunk. Now, his offensive game has improved and he's adding more into his repotoire such as a jump hook and an occasional 10ft jump shot. His rebounding numbers speak for themselves and his athleticism, for a man/manchild his size, is out of this world. If the Pistons do not double team him in their semi-finals series, they may have an upset on their hands.

This here is the Upper Deck 2005-06 Rookie Debut Game Used Warm-up jersey of Gilbert "Quality Shots" Arenas. I'm normally not a big fan of Rookie Debut cards but their set of jersey cards look pretty nice. Their toned down color gives the card a classical feel to it. As far as Arenas goes, he's definitely one of my favorite players in the league. He's got good game, although the Wizards offense certainly are more fluid when he's not playing. The main reason he's one of my favorites is his personality. He tends to speak his mind and he's not afraid of repercussions. He doesn't offer the traditionally dry "take it one game at a time" remarks to the media, ala Kobe/Lebron/MJ. The dude is just simply entertaining. Too bad he was unable to come back after sittin gout game 5. He was a good spark plug off the bench during the series. Hopefully he'll have better luck next season.


Cesario Tarigan said...

Wow, you got a great purchase there. Thanks for the visit :-)

Jeff said...

Thankes Cesario. Yes the cards I got were absolute STEALS for that price hehe.