Monday, December 10, 2007

Upper Deck 2004-2005

Hey wassup guys. Sorry I have not been able to post the last few days because I've been busy cramming for finals. I probably will not be able to post during the next few days for the same reason. Well onto business. The UD 04-05 box is old I know, but they sold it at a great price, so I figured what the heck. The base cards in this set look like your stereotypical Upper Deck card, nothing special. Though it is good to have a Lebron James card due his high, albeit a bit too high, value. Both Dwyane Wade and Lebron certainly look younger in those cards. LBJ certainly has become stockier since then. Steroids anybody??? haha jkjk.

The rookie cards in this set looked nicer than I thought. They certainly look better than the base set. I only pulled one rookie insert card, which was a David Harrison Rookie Academy. Harrison as of right now does not look like a player who will make a huge impact somewhere down the road. His progress is certainly slow and disappointing when compared to the likes of Andrew Bynum. Emeka Okafor was a nice pull as he won Rookie of the Year that season. Delonte West is an average NBA player who is on a crappy team in the Sonics right now. His teamate Robert Swift has potential, but he's been hit by the injury bug too many times. Other rookie cards I pulled were Sasha Vujacic, Viktor Khryapa, and Kris Humphries.

The two hits of this box were the Nene Hilario game used jersey and the Richard Jefferson/Corey Maggette dual used jersey. I remember when Nene first came into the league many experts were raving about his future. Nene is not a bad player but he certainly has not attained the all-star status some experts projected him to be. Richard Jefferson is an all-star caliber player while Corey Maggette isn't bad as well. Maggette should see his numbers go up since Elton Brand won't be back for awhile. Overall, this box was not bad considering the low price I paid for it.

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