Wednesday, December 5, 2007

2006-2007 Topps Fullcourt

Today I purchased 9 packs of Topps Fullcourt and a box of UD 04-05 cards. I heard from a friend who gave rave reviews for Fullcourt. For some reason Frank & Sons do not sell any boxes of Topps Fullcourt so I settled for the packs. These are scans of the Topps Fullcourt basecards. The basecard set consist of a veteran players set and a retired players set. As to the design of the card, Topps seem to have gone a bit old school. The action shots were pretty damn awesome, especially in regards to the Lebron card.

The retired players set gives collectors a chance to collect old time players whose cards are hard to come upon. I am very happy with my Wilt Chaimberlain pull. Dennis Rodman, John Stockton, and Clyde Drexler are nice pulls as well but their cards are more accessible than Wilt's are.

Topps Fullcourt also contain insert cards. The only insert cards I pulled were the Photographer's Proof. Each Photographer's Proof card is numbered to 1999. These cards basically resemble the base cards with exception to its thickness and a photoslide design on its side. The Larry Bird pull was a nice hit considering I only purchased 9 packs. Scans of the 04-05 UD box will be posted shortly.

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