Friday, May 9, 2008

2006-07 Topps Hobby Box Break

I purchased a 2006-07 Topps Hobby Box awhile back but I never had the chance to post it up here, so here it is. The base cards of this set is nothing special. They have the standard picture with the name on the bottom. All basecards have a white border around the photo. I've always thought that Topps cards have superior photography when compared to UD cards, and this is no different. This box has a lot of base cards, 12 per pack. Thus, you'll get a lot of duplicates if you purchase this box.

The rookie cards look exactly like the base cards. The only difference is that Topps stamped the upper left corner of the card with the "Rookie Cards" logo. Topps also decided to put some parallel cards in their base and rookie card set. Parallel cards are basically cards are variations of the original version of the cards. Most card sets have different colors for parallel cards, such as silver, gold, platinum, etc.... I pulled a gold parallel Tyrus Thomas rookie card. All gold parallels are serial numbered to 500. I dislike parallel cards because it gives card companies an excuse to slap on a serial number to any of their cards, which imho demeans the value of serial numbered cards. I actually pulled a total of 5 Tyrus Thomas rookie cards from this box.

There are a TON of insert cards in this set. According to Topps, there are 23 insert cards per box. I remember back in the day pulling insert cards was a special occurence. The multitude of inserts in this set shows how far the status of insert cards have fallen since the memo cards started becoming popular. The card pictured above is a Kobe Bryant Hobby Box insert card. It sort of has that "holographic" design. That form of design reminds me of the old Metal Universe cards. I used to love Metal Universe cards as a kid. Now, not so much.

This is another insert card called Own The Game. There are 28 Own the Game cards and I pulled a Lebron James insert. You can never go wrong with a Lebron James card since his value is second to noone in this hobby.

Clutch City is another insert card. Yeah, I know, there are A LOT of insert cards in this set. This is the Yao Ming Clutch City insert card. Unfortunately, Yao has never really been able to stay healthy enough in order to show whether or not he is clutch enough during the playoffs.

There are relic versions of every type of insert card. This here is the Chauncey Billups Clutch City Game Used jersey card. Billups is questionable for Game 4 against the Magic. If he ends up missing the game, it provides the Magic a perfect opportunity to tie up the series.

This is the highlight of my box break. After opening pack after pack, I realized that I pulled an auto. Unfortunately, it was a Solomon Jones Rookie Photo Shoot auto. The good news is that it is not a stickered auto. All of the autos I own are stickered. The last time I checked, the beckett value of this particular card was somewhere between 25-35 dollars. Not bad but I looked up the same card for Adam Morrison and JJ Redick and their cards were worth in the low hundreds. Hopefully Jones gets more playing time next season.

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