Saturday, May 24, 2008

I Wish I Could Draw Like That

First Row, From Left: Robert Parish, Sean Elliot, Glen Rice.
Second Row, From Left: Dennis Scott, Ricky Pierce, Johnny Dawkins.

In 1992, Upper Deck released a set of cards called The Collector's Choice. In this set, a man by the name of Alan Studt drew and colored pictures of a number of players from each team in the league. I have in my possesion only six of these cards. My favorite one is the Robert Parish drawing. Even though these cards aren't "valuable" in terms of monetary value, they're still very cool to look at imo.

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Wildwill said...

Actually, "Collector's Choice" as a brand didn't come into being for another couple of years. Those are the team checklists if I'm not mistaken, from the standard Upper Dec k set.