Friday, May 30, 2008

Good Ol' Inserts

I'm in a great mood today as the Lakers are the Western Conference Champions! It looks like it'll be like the old days again with a Lakers vs. Celtics finals.

Anyways, I've always been a big fan of old insert cards. Unfortunately, I only have a few inserts left from the 90s. Most of the insert cards I managed to find were the team insert cards. The early 90s versions of the team insert cards consisted of only the team logo and a short description of the team on the back. The "Hornet's Swarm" insert pictured above was the 1995 version. That particular card highlighted the play of Larry Johnson in the back.

Many of the old inserts highlighted individual performances. The card pictured is te Kiki Vandeweghe Topps 50 Point Club insert. The card highlighted his 51 point performance against the Pistons on 12/13/83. I don't see many, if any, insert cards that highlight individual performances anymore.

Another type of the classic insert cards consist of trivia questions. This particular question asks "Look closely at the photograph on the front of this card. Look again. Something's not quite right. Can you beat the buzzer?" I must say, the way they worded the problem was pretty lame. Couldn't they just have said "What is wrong with the picture?" Oh well, anyone know the answer?

And of course there's the regular insert card with some sort of funky name. This one is called Upper Deck Skylights. There's nothing special about the card. But the background does look pretty cool.


JWei said...

Lakers vs Celtics! Can't wait for Thursday! And what was the answer to the Picture Perfect card?

Cesario Tarigan said...

I love inserts, always do. Especially Jordan and Shaq Cards.

Jeff said...


The answer is: Both are wearing their home jerseys. I know... very exciting lol.


I like the old insert cards better. The insert cards these days do not seem as creative as the old ones.