Friday, August 8, 2008

Finally Decided On My Player Collection: Bobby Brown

Oh Woops. Wrong guy. I'm talking about Bobby Brown, former point guard from Cal State Fullerton, not Whitney's man, or ex. Several weeks ago he was signed to a 2 year contract by the Sacramento Kings after a stellar summer league. Bobby Brown of CSUF(gotta clarify from now on, especially on when it comes to search engines) is the first player from my school to be in the NBA since Pape Sow. Hopefully he'll make as big as an impact as Bruce Bowen or even Cedric Ceballos did. Even though he wasn't drafted, I'm fairly certain that UD and Topps will include him in their products. Who knows, he might even be included in their first hobby boxes to be released for the 08-09 season.
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jv said...

Where ya been? Hadn't read anything new in awhile.

Everything alright?

Just checkin' in. I know lots of people have been affected by the recent Hurricanes and I wasn't sure if you were on of them.

Cesario Tarigan said...

Hi, hope you get new cards today. Love to read your new posts soon.

Hope you doin' well.

Jeff said...


ive been very busy lately so i dont really have time to update the blog. thanks for your concern though!

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