Monday, August 4, 2008

Fan-Created Player Nicknames

I'm not talking about the mainstream nicknames like Air Jordan or Larry Legend. If you've surfed through the basketball forums of the information superhighway, you've probably catched quite a few posters nicknames by playing with words. For example, posters who find Lamar Odom to have low basketball IQ call him Lamar Odumb. I find some of the nicknames quite funny. Below is a list of nicknames that I can think of from the top of my head.

Lebrick- created due to the popular notion that Lebron has no J.
Lebronze- created due to his participation on the 2004 USA team that garnered the broze medal.
Lechoke- created by Lebron haters whenever he misses a shot during a clutch situation.
D-Fade- name used by posters to describe how Wade has faded since his 2006 Finals MVP season
D-Whistle- reference to his enormous amounts of fta, most notably during the 2006 Finals
KoMe- pokes fun of Kobe's selfish and arrogant demeanor
Snaq- usually used by poster's to emphasize the fact that Shaq is out of shape
Ben Wallets- One of my favorites, referencing to how Ben Wallace is getting a fat paycheck from the Bulls and doing nothing in return.
Steve Trash- coined by Steve Nash haters.
Fright Coward- Dwight Howard haters who think he is soft.
Lamar Odumb- some posters claim he has bad bball IQ
Fluke Walton- when Luke Walton has a good game, posters regard it as a fluke.
T-Crap- coined by McGrady haters, also used whenever he loses in the first round.
Feel free to contribute to this list.
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