Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Anything is Possible!"-Kevin Garnett

Well, around October 2007 I bought a couple packs of 06-07 UD Ovation and lo and behold I draw a UD Black Redemption card. I read the description in the back and it said the Redemptions would expire at August 1, 2007. I figured I might as well send in the request anyways and see what happens. Well, according to UD, the package should have came around 12-16 weeks. Several months past and I pretty much forgot about it.

Yesterday, I got a package from Upper Deck. Suprise suprise, my request was actually put through even though I was late by more than two months. Of course, I did not expect them to actually send me a UD Black card, but they gave me a decent replacement instead. As a replacement, UD sent me an 07/08 Ultimate Virtuoso Kevin Garnet GU Auto card. It was numbered 12/25. While obviously a step down from a UD Black card, I was still happy since it's several steps above not receiving a card at all.

UD also sent me a set of "Lebron James Freshman Season Collectibles" set. Apparently LBJ does not have enough "rookie sets." I'm not sure how many total cards are in the set as I only received cards 16 to 55. But I think the cards cover every game and notable event during his rookie season. UD has really saturated the market with all their crap about Lebron. But hey, how can you blame them when LBJ has games like his 55 point performance against the Bucks.


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